Complex adaptive systems

Complexity Labs
Level: advanced
University: None
Platform: Complexity Labs
Recurrence: flexible
Language: English
Discipline: Economics
Attendance: free

This is a course on complex adaptive systems theory that is composed of a series of videos. It starts with a general overview of complexity theory and its relevance for understanding the underlying mechanisms of real-world phenomena. Important characteristics such as emergence, self-organization, criticality and out-of-equilibrium dynamics are explained. In the later sections, an introduction to the conceptual background and practical implementation of applied research methods is given. It is shown how these approaches can help understanding and studying emergent phenomena, adaptivity, and evolutionary processes. 
Many of presented approaches and concepts are important methodological tools used in evolutionary economics research and help to understand, conceptualizing and analyzing complex evolutionary processes in the economy. 

Comment from our editor team:

This is a well structured online course. Scientifically relevant: Alternative mathematical and computational methods to approach complex real-world phenomena that are hardly capturable within the Newtonian-mechanic-framework of traditional equilibrium-based methods.

We also think this online course is a good start to understanding evolutionary economics, namely untangling the dynamics of evolution within complex adaptive systems, which can be used to describe various economic concepts.


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