Economics of Climate-Resilient Development

Level: advanced
World Bank Group

In this course, you will learn the basics for developing economically viable climate-resilient plans. The course starts with a review of the scientific consensus on changes in climate patterns and projections to the future and explains the rationale for countries to develop climate-resilient plans that will help them to move away from a business-as-usual development path.

Comment from our editors:

Useful for understanding the A Button between neoclassical economic growth and negative externalities involving climate change by understanding the economics behind adaptation costs.

University: None
Platform: Open Learning Campus
Recurrence: flexible
Language: English
Discipline: diverse, Environmental Studies
Attendance: free
Certificate: -
Workload per week: 5.0 h
Tags adaptation , climate , climate change , development , Millennium Development Goals , resilience , sustainable development , Sustainable Development Goals

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