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Exploring Economics is much more than just a website - with our writing workshops we build up an “offline” learning community for students, researchers, and young lecturers. In the course of a 2-3-day workshop, about 15 participants will discuss and reflect on different topics and at the same time create new learning material for Exploring Economics!


 What is a writing workshop?

The goal of a writing workshop is to encourage an active examination of a topic or a perspective of pluralist economics. In the course of a 2-3-day workshop, about 15 participants (students and young scholars) will discuss and reflect different topics. Their aim is to create new material that, after going through an academic review process, will be published on Exploring Economics. It is possible to involve international online participants.


  What does Exploring Economics provide?

  • Know-how and templates from previous writing workshops regarding the program, preparation and follow-up processes
  • Quality guide for essays and other material
  • Assistance with fundraising and the compilation of necessary documents
  • Support with the search for academic reviewers and coordination of the review process
  • Support with the search for native speakers who will proofread the new material
  • The technical infrastructure for online registration form
  • Advertisement for the event across communication channels of Exploring Economics and the Network for Pluralist Economics
  • Support in case of questions and problems


If you want to apply for organisational and financial support for a writing workshop, send us a title, short description (~500 words) and suggest a venue, members of an organizing committee (at least two people including you) and one possible academic patron or academic partner institution.

Suggest a writing workshop!

Previous writing workshops

Rising Issues in Economics - Nigeria's Perspective

December 2019 in Lagos, Nigeria. Organized by RE The Uploaders, in collaboration with YSI, Rethinking Economics, NESA and Exploring Economics. read more...

A new critique of the new mainstream

March 2018 in Berlin. Organized by Was ist Ökonomie? with support by Exploring Economics. read more...

Social-Ecological Economics

March 2018 in Vienna and online. Organized by the Gesellschaft für Plurale Ökonomik Wien with support of the Center for Students of Economics WU Wien and Exploring Economics. read more...

Gender and the Economy

March 2017 in Berlin and online. Organized by the Exploring Economics team in collaboration with the network efas. read more...


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This project is brought to you by the Network for Pluralist Economics (Netzwerk Plurale Ökonomik e.V.).  It is committed to diversity and independence and is dependent on donations from people like you. Regular or one-off donations would be greatly appreciated.