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Become part of the Exploring Economics Experience!

Do you want to scout and submit new material for our open-access and bottom-up e-learning platform?

Do you want to contribute summaries and academic commentaries and appear as an editor on the website?

Do you want to work with an international team of students and young scholars?

Do you want to create and write new material by yourself and publish it under your name on the website?

 Then become part of the Exploring Economics Experience!

The Exploring Economics Experience consists of a 4 months-commitment for the Exploring Economics project as an editor. As an editor, you scout, edit and produce material for Exploring Economics. As part of the program, you will publish summaries and commentaries under your name on the website (see for example here). Furthermore, the editors will be invited to the Exploring Economics Global Lecture with Steve Keen and receive a certificate upon completion of the EE experience.

When applying for the Experience you can have to choose your own level of engagement. 

 Level A: Material scout

 The time necessary: 1-5 hours per month

As a material scout, you are feeding the  discover and  study section with videos, podcasts, online courses and other teaching material. You search, classify, summarize and comment new content, which is published with your name on the website. You can focus on a specific school of thought or topic of your interest that you want to strengthen on Exploring Economics. Find more information on what kind of material Exploring Economics features here.


 Level B: Editorial team member

 The time necessary: 1-3 hours per week

On Level B, you join our editorial team. Our editors are the beating heart of Exploring Economics!

Besides suggesting new material, they also review the material suggestions by material scouts. You can focus on a specific economic topic or perspective and discuss how you can find or create new material on this topic on Exploring Economics. Find more information here.


 Level C: Material producer

 The time necessary: depending on the project, at least 3 hours per week

You can produce essays, dossiers, wiki-articles or creative content and publish your material under your name on Exploring Economics. As in journal publishing, we conduct a professional review process – however, your text will be freely available on our e-learning platform and serve as learning material for our users. Find more information here.


How to apply

Fill out the registration form and tell us something about your background and your motivation to join the Exploring Economics Experience (~150 words), and your preferred level of engagement. Our community advocate Jorim will then get back to you with more detailed information. After you successfully finish the Exploring Economics Experience we will issue an Exploring Economics certificate as a written confirmation of your voluntary commitment that can help you during your studies or an application.

The registration closed on the 7th of November 2019. The next Call for Editors will be open in March 2020.


 As part of the Exploring Economics Experience, you will participate at the  

Exploring Economics Global Lecture

with Prof. Steve Keen 

The foundations of monetary macroeconomics

   January 13, world wide, via zoom. 

 Prof. Steve Keen is an Australian economist and author. He famously predicted the financial crash of 2007/2008 and lectured as Head of the School of Economics, History and Politics at Kingston University. His book "Debunking Economcis" became a manifesto of the international Curriculum Change movement in economics. You can support Steve Keen on Pateron

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